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Welcome to the Heritage Equine Saddle bank, We are passionate about pairing up riders and horses with their ideal saddles, on comfort, quality and price. All of our saddles are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, conditioned and accurately described to manage and exceed customer expectations. Designed to make purchasing and selling new or used saddles stress free, easy and cost effective.  

Sale on Behalf Rates

12% on saddles worth over $5000

15% on saddles worth $1500-$4999

20% on saddles worth $400-$1499

Would you like us to sell your saddle?
Please pop us through a few photos of your cleaned saddle: front on, underside, side on, serial number and girth points.
Let us know the size, brand, colour, gullet size (if known) and the price you are looking at for your saddle.  We can then talk more about the possible sale of your saddle. It is also helpful to know if it may have had any adjustment or alterations from new.

Please Note
We do not accept any saddle that is damaged in a manner to which is had become structurally compromised in any way.  This includes but is not limited to: broken or compromised trees, damaged stirrup bars or substantial damage to any area of the saddle.  Saddles sent to us for sale that we deem to be fundamentally compromised will be returned at the cost of the owner and not offered for sale by us.  

Saddles that require small repairs or maintenance such as: re flocking, new girth points or other similar work can be sent to us for resale.  Any repairs, flocking or other work will be charged at competitive rates and due for payment prior to advertising the saddle.  

Second Hand Saddle Trials

Do I have to pay for the saddle in full to trial it? You pay for the saddle in full, and the postage charge of $30. No saddles are dispatched without full payment being received.

What happens if I damage the saddle during my trial? During the trial, you are liable for the saddle. It is your responsibility to insure the saddle for accidental damage, theft, fire, flood etc. Any damage incurred to the saddle during this time will result in a deduction from the refund due. If the saddle is returned to us damaged beyond repair or in an unacceptable condition it will not be accepted, and you will be liable for an additional charge of $30 to resend the saddle to you.

I want to return the saddle after the trial has ended, what do I do now? Sorry, unfortunately we are unable to accept returns after the 10 day trial. It is your responsibility to ensure the fit of the saddle during the 10 day trial. As some of our saddles are sold on behalf of Third Parties we are unable to accept returns after this date, unless we have been notified of a late return during the trial period. This is because Third Parties are paid once their saddles have been sold. Therefore we have to have a clear cut off date applicable to all.

Please note: Any saddle that is purchased without trial is none refundable.  

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