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More information on Nationwide saddle fitter network available soon.
Heritage Equine Saddle Fitting

Rachel is a qualified saddle fitter through the accredited industry organisation ASFA, she also holds a Business and Equine degree gained in the UK through the University of Leicester.

Rachel has been involved with horses all her life, her passion for horses lead her to do her Equine degree and afterwards run her own dressage yard in the UK.  

"I very much have the view that the horse is an athlete and if it is to do the job we ask then we have to provide it with the right equipment  from the pleasure horse to competition horse"

"Saddle fitting was a natural progression in line with the approach I take with horses. Nothing is more satisfying than helping horses and riders to find the optimum fit for them as a combination."

In line with that Heritage Equine carries several brands to cater for differing requirements.

Kent & Masters  I  Bliss by London  I  Fairfax  I  Cavaletti


For more information please contact us:

Rachel Gradowski-Smith

Ph: 028 8500 0477

or email:

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