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Kent & Masters Changeable Gullet Bar


The changeable gullet bars come in two sizes:

The shorter S-Bar to fit the lower-headed trees with shorter points and a square cantle.

The longer R-Bar to fit the high-headed trees with long points and a round cantle (NOTE: The S-Series Jump saddle takes an R-Bar despite having a square cantle).
R-Bars are not available in Extra Extra Wide fitting


Gullet Bar change Step 1

Step 1: Use the hex key to remove the screws at the front of each panel.

Gullet Bar change Step 1

Step 2: Slide the panel off the point of the tree.

Gullet Bar change Step 1

Step 3: Unscrew all four bolts in the gullet bar and remove the gullet bar.

Gullet Bar change Step 1

Step 4: Insert different width of gullet bar. Tighten all 4 bolts by hand and then secure firmly with the hex key.
The shape of the gullet bar is ‘indented’ into the top of the tree. Follow these guides to get the gullet bar in the right way round.

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